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These days, everyone is looking for good deals and great value. Although we know that price is important to cost conscious travelers, we also know that the value of a perfect vacation is priceless. So we do our best to match your lifestyle with your ideal vacation. Such as making sure your special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, is handled perfectly. It is our goal to provide you a wonderful vacation, to reconnect with family, to relax, to find something adventurous to do, or to get away from life’s challenges, and rejuvenate. 

As one the nation's largest travel company in the industry, we are able to offer Great Rates combined with our Great Service....and that's Value! We use our preferred position to your advantage. That means you get to choose from a huge inventory of vacation packages offered at preferential rates, regardless of whether you are planning a romantic getaway, or taking along your entire company.

Our team of professional Associates have more than 35+ years in the travel business. We are committed to improving our client's experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery. And we read the fine print for you!

Put your confidence entirely in US. Take your time to browse our website where you can see prices immediately, book online, find out more about our Family, or sign up to receive our emails to see current promotions. You don't want to miss these! We are ready to start this journey with you and help make your dreams come true!


This is US!


Yeah Baby! That's me on the RIGHT and my BFFF (Best Friend Forever Florie) with Blue Hair at the 2017 National Conference. Why not? When you're on vacation, you can do whatever you want! We were Wiggin' Out on a cruise ship, during our National Sales Conference. I honestly can't believe how long I've been in the travel industry. And during that time I've been fortunate enough to visit South America, Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Caribbean, and of course, my second home Hawaii. Many of my best vacation memories were spent visiting Mickey at the Disney Resorts and Parks with my family. So what's important to you? Family yes! And spending time with them, of course. One of our favorite vacations was spending time with the Blue Man Group on a ship! A story that will be told many times, and passed down, generation to generation. Creating those memories are priceless! So...are you ready to plan that vacation? You don't need to answer. Just call or text me! (954) 830-0255 Email:



This is not photo shop! It is the leaning Tower of Pisa and me, in Italy! Andiamo! Let's Go!

 Si Habla Español. A hard working professional, Zabrina takes the planning
part of your trip very personal as well. Born in Ohio and happily married with
two children, she now resides in South Florida. Graduated from Southeastern
Academy in 1992, majoring in International Travel and Tourism. Her passion is
travel, as she has traveled to many places such as Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto
Rico, the Virgin Islands, Canada and now Italy! Her favorite vacation was island hopping in
the Hawaiian Islands. Zabrina's goal: Making you Happy and ensuring that the
memories made along the way will last a lifetime.

Call or Text: (321) 208-5272 Email:



I've already been asked! This is for real. Check that one off my list. Which one will you be checking off your list?

I was born in South Carolina in 1973 and have been living in Okeechobee, Florida for the past 40 years. I love cruises, for many reasons. One, I love having someone else doing the driving for me as I explore new places, have new adventures, and create new memories on each cruise.

Two, making new friends while being spoiled with all the amenities at my finger tips. To me it is very economical.

I know how to save you money, and have the best time ever! It's that simple. Can't wait to help you plan your next or FIRST CRUISE! Think of me as your personal guide.

Call or Text: (863) 697-0270 Email:



I live in Coral Springs. Married with a 4yr old daughter who runs the house. And on Nov. 6th, her sister arrived!

I am back in the travel industry again after a 10 year hiatus.

Why? Because ever since the day I left, I missed it so much it almost drove me crazy.

    Worked 7 years for the CruiseLine Inc & CruiseOne at HQ, which included various positions; customer service/sales, training, marketing, business development & support services.

     Currently working in the auto industry from home for an online b2b car buying company, which gave me a great opportunity to get back into the industry I truly have a passion for. 

I'm incredibly happy to be working with Leilani again and to be part of this team.

Find me on Facebook: MannyTheSavvyTraveler Instagram: TheSavvyTraveler007



I’m baacckkk….Yes, I tried to retire (after 35 years in the travel industry) but not only did I miss YOU, I missed helping you have the best vacation of your life! 

Call me directly at (352) 396-5582 or visit to browse options for your next Dream Vacation!



Bienvenido! I'm Lissette and I am a loving grandmother who spoils her granddaughters every chance I get.

My Travel work experience started at the CruiseOne headquarter offices in Ft. Lauderdale in HR as a human resource manager for 10 years. It was a loving and fulfilling experience as I dipped my toes into many cruises throughout my tenure in contemporary cruising & river cruising. I also worked for American Express Platinum card services providing exceptional service to high-level clientele. 

I find myself full circle sailing into the cruise industry again as nothing can replace the excitement of new clients on their first cruise or seasoned clients looking for a fabulous new "Dream" experience.

Here is a thought to contemplate: You know that voice in your head telling you to travel? Listen to it…because 10 years from now you'll wish you had.

Call me, let me make your travel Dreams come true. Mobile: (954) 305-5078. Email:

Available from 7am - 7pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - OFF Wednesday.

Friday 7am - 4pm, Saturday 9am - 12noon.





Hi my name is Janis Mcclure and I am excited to begin my journey in helping you plan your very best vacation ever I will be here to answer every question so that you have a great experience. Having traveled many years myself I have learned the many things that make a comfortable and pleasant time so you are free to enjoy the  fun and adventure.

Please give me a call at 214-542-0526 0r email me at



I'm Gwenn! At Your Service!

(954) 665-1127 or





I was born in Utah but moved to Arkansas when I was 6 years old.  So I consider myself to be a southern gal.  Through my career I’ve lived and worked across most of the US. During that journey I met my wonderful husband and currently live near St. Louis, MO. I decided to take the “official” plunge into booking travel, because those memories and friends you make will stay with you for a lifetime.


I’ve traveled extensively all over the world from backpacking to luxury cruising; since I was in college. So I pride myself in a heavily diverse travel background and I honestly believe in my favorite quotes that “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous


So I’m confident if given the opportunity I’ll help you develop your own life long memories and save you money along the way!  

(501) 413-9773



Ever since I can remember I have been traveling to many places all over the
world. I decided to become a travel agent, specifically a cruise travel
specialist, so that not only could I inspire others to travel to see the world,
but also to experience travel with great leisure across the boundless
ocean. My favorite quote is "One foot in each great ocean, Is a
record stride or stretch." - Robert Frost  Jade Ardila knows the
importance of having an enjoyable and memorable travel experience. With
several years of experience in customer service and group and individual sales,
she provides the type of service and excellent care that is needed to assure
that remarkable experience you deserve.

Call or Text: (786) 899-1891 Email:

This is YOU!

This was truly the best cruise we've been on so far. The Kids loved the Water Park. And we loved the new Balcony Cove on the ship. It was just as you said and it couldn't have been more perfect for the money. Thanks Leilani. - Gina Plaugher

- Marjorie Andrews, Tarpon Springs, FL. on the Majesty of the Seas, Nov. 25, 2016.

To The 'BEST" Travel Agent!!!!!!!! Dear Leilani, 

You are not only our travel agent,you are a warm, thoughtful and caring person. Steve and I have traveled most of the world, and have dealt with several travel agents in the past 30 years.There is no one, sincerely, that has gone above and beyond to make every vacation feel so special. You have come to know our family, as we have come to know your family throughout the years. Aside from being so knowledgeable, you  always know just exactly what our needs are and your follow-up is excellent!!!!! 

We cannot thank you enough for making this wedding cruise an unforgettable experience for us and all our guests. Tristan and Jason will be so excited to see their room decorations. Thank you for making it all possible. I will make sure to send you pictures of everything, including the cake slices! 

Now it is time for us to take a deep breath and plan some excursions, because you took care of everything else!

Steve and I greatly appreciate all that you have done. Looking forward to future bookings with you.Have fun on your trip as well. 

With Love and Gratitude, Dorene & Steve Meltzer (Meltzer Engagement Party Independence of the Seas, 12/08/2016)

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